"01.t02.d03.a" aims to illustrate the expressive potential of the notion of transmutability of digital data. This was defined as a meta-project, in the sense that explores different ways of audio-visually translating the textual contents of the dissertation on the theme, seeking to provide a new perception or experience of these contents, through seeing and hearing.
In terms of concept, the project departs from an analytical stance towards a more expressive approach. Regarding mechanics, the starting point was a selection of three main sections of the dissertation, as chapters of a different structural and semantic nature; an aspect that gives rise to different visualization and sonification approaches. In terms of experience, we opted for the use of elementary figures and sounds, seeking to minimize aspects that are accessory to the audio-visual reading of the text.
The resulting experiences seek to highlight the diversity of possible derivations, reinterpretations and subjective approaches to the same referent.